HumiliationPOV - Alix Lynx - Stoner Losers Can’t Stop Gooning Their Brains Out To Me

Added: 05-08-2020

Look who it is, my little stoner gooner boy. You belong to me and you’re going to do everything that I say because I’ve turned your stupid stoner brain to mush. It wasn’t hard, stoners like you are so easy to manipulate. I want you to start by staring at my perfect body as you jerk, take it all in. I truly am perfect, aren’t I? Stare at my perfect tits and my tight little ass. And of course my perfect pussy too. Aren’t you just so lucky that I’m letting you jerk to me?
Now I want you to stop stroking and staring and I want you to smoke. My body and my words will look and sound so much better once you’re high, isn’t that right stoner? Yes it is, and you know this because smoking and gooning are your two favorite things to do. You pretty much do them every night, don’t you? Because w e e d makes you so horny and so stupid, and we both like that now don’t we? Yes, I want you to get stoned and just goon out to my perfect porn star body.
You and I both know that nothing feels better than getting high and stroking it to me. Do you understand idiot? I know how hard I make your cock, I make every man’s cock hard, that’s just what I do. And when you get stoned your cock feels even better, doesn’t it my goon boy? You love getting stoned for me and gooning out to my amazing body. Just worship every inch of me. I know how fucking perfect my body is and I love using it to manipulate weak stoner losers like you.
Smoke some more idiot. I want to turn you into my stoner gooner, addicted to smoking and stroking just to me and my perfect body. You’re going to be so addicted to me that you won’t be able to stop. All you’re going to be doing is sitting there stroking it for me as you get high and hard and feel nothing but ecstasy as you goon away. My pussy controls you loser. Look at how perfect it is. You’re so lucky I allow you to stroke to it, and the only reason I do is that I know it’s so easy to control you that way.
Get dumb for me idiot. Keep smoking, destroy those brain cells. My porn star body is going to have you addicted in no time. So goon away my braind e a d stoner. Take another hit. And I want inhale and exhale as you stare at me. Feel it washing over you, making you even hornier. Just stroke and stare, that’s all you can do. Feel your addiction growing. You’re going to need to watch this over and over again, just to get your fix.
You are my stoner gooner, you are my pet, and you know how lucky you are to be owned by a bratty porn star like me, don’t you? Nod your head yes. Worship me with your cock in your hand. Now take another hit. Feel yourself getting dumber and dumber. Turn your mind off and just goon to my Goddess body. Yes, you love how this feels. You live for this. You love destroying your brain for my body. That w e e d and my body are in full control of you now. We’ve always been in control. You’re just our stoner gooner boy. You don’t want this to end. It feels too fucking good. So don’t let it end, I know it will hard considering how stupid you are, but I want you to start this clip again and watch it over and over again until your mind is completely gone.

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