Marceline Leigh - Bully Giantess Camgirl's Tiny Prop

Added: 06-09-2020

You're a tiny man, hardly even a foot tall, and you have gotten lucky enough to be roommates with a hot, giantess camgirl. At least, you thought you were lucky at first. But, this giantess has turned out to be a huge bully. She constantly teases you about your height, beats you up, makes you do most of the chores around the house and usually treats you as nothing more than a prop for her giantess videos. One day as you are watching her camming, she catches you staring with a judgmental look on your face. This angers her and she instantly logs off, saying that inspiration has struck and she is going to go make some content. As soon as she shuts her laptop she starts yelling at you about looking at her that way. And now, as your punishment, you are going to be used as the prop for her next video where she is a mean giantess who beats up and dominates her tiny little servant. She makes you stay where you are, threatening that there will be hell to pay if you move, while she goes grabs the stuff for the video. Your mean, giantess roommate comes back with camera in hand and strap on harnessed in. She begins to muse over what she should do to you. Should she stomp on you? Should she sit on you? Maybe she should beat you up with her dildo, which is longer than your entire body. She can do whatever she wants to you. After all, you are so tiny, so puny, so minuscule. There's no fighting back against her. You are absolutely helpless. She decides that the first thing to do will be to subject you to her feet. She makes you smell them. She kicks at you, falling just short of coming into contact with you and laughing each time you cower underneath her. The whole time she keeps on filming. Your shame, your cowardice, your embarrassment is going to be made available to the whole world. Then, she decides it's time to subject you to her ass. Her big, voluptuous ass hovers above you. You know that if she wanted to she could easily sit on you, taking all of the breath out of you. She makes you suck on the dildo. You can only get just the head of it in your mouth, since it is so big. You are made to slobber and spit all over it. But, your giantess roommate isn't going to stop there. For the finale of this video, she is going to fuck you with this huge dildo. It's going to be painful for you, and she relishes in that thought. This is what you deserve for being a tiny, judgmental roommate. **this was a custom video, message me to get your own**

File Name : 11___Marceline Leigh_Bully-aswrtgdfg-Prop
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 1.48 GB
Duration: 00:25:46
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 29.970 FPS, 7990 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 242 kb/s



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