Goddess Wolfe - Anything Can Happen - Virtual Sex

Added: 15-09-2020

***Intro: In this world, you’re a sexy bachelor, with a big fat cock, who has been completely alone since My last visit in “The Value of Human Contact”. There are so many things wrong about your current situation, so I’ve come to teach you an even more valuable lesson. This will be the last lesson you learn in this life, but I have full confidence you will take it with you to the next…(end intro)*** Wake up. Oh, I know! you’ve missed Me, haven’t you? Of course you have. I’m the last human you had any kind of contact with, and that was five months ago now! Well, I’m sure you need this desperately, so I won’t waste any time. you remember what to do: Arms up, so I can tie them to the headboard. Feet down, so I can tie them to the baseboard. Mouth open for the gag. Good. Now, I’m going to do things a bit differently this time. First, I’m going to take off these ridiculous gloves, and this ridiculous mask. Then, I’m going to fix up My face… Ah, much better! OK, now, are you ready? Oh, what? Are you scared because I took off My mask and gloves? I bet you are. That’s why you haven’t had any human contact in the past five months; fear of one thing ending your life. Well, did you ever consider that maybe something else could end your life? Or the life of someone you know? Of course not. That’s a lesson everyone must learn the hard way. I have been fortunate enough to have a near-end experience, which taught Me that anything can happen at any time. So, now I’m here to pass that on to you. Though, for you, I don’t think near-end is going to work. I’m going to have to take your life in order for you to truly understand. Shh, I know it’s scary, but I can feel that your cock got even harder as I explained that this is it for you. And harder still as I place My hands over your mouth and nose. Don’t worry, I won’t end it until I make you cum one last time… ***DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A FAKE, FANTASTICAL EXPERIENCE, AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS. I REALIZE THAT LIFE IS UNIVERSALLY DIFFICULT RIGHT NOW, AND PEOPLE MAY BE GOING THROUGH HARDER TIMES THAN USUAL. IF YOU ARE HAVING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP, AND KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU XOXO**

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