Janira Wolfe - The Value Of Human Contact: A COVID-19 Quarantine Special 4K

Added: 19-09-2020

*travel with Me to a fantastical world where dreams come true; a world you can access only by buying this clip... and worth it, because once purchased, you can visit anytime you want.*
This world is almost identical to Earth, except here, you're a sexy bachelor with a hot body and a big cock that shouldn't be left alone... and I have taken it upon Myself to save the sexy bachelors of the world from loneliness, by first completely covering My skin (to protect against infection), and then breaking into your homes in the middle of the night while you're in bed to give you the orgasms you so desperately need.
When I enter your bedroom, you're soundly resting-- so deeply that you don't awaken until I climb on top of you and whisper for you to do so. As you come to, you briefly start to panic, but the combination of My beauty and your body's desire for human contact quickly calms you down. I explain that I've come to keep you company and get you off, but before doing so, I must first tie you down and gag you, so you're not tempted to touch Me with your hands or your mouth.
Not only does it make perfect sense for you to be restrained, but the thought of being able to just lie back as your big hard cock is stimulated by a beautiful stranger is extremely exciting, so without any resistance, you allow Me to take the precautions necessary to give you what you need.
Once you're tied and gagged, I start slowly stroking you with My glove, over your underwear, encouraging you to enjoy the sensation of the soft fabrics combined with the pressure of My hand. It feels so fucking good to be touched by another person, even if you can't feel My skin. you don't want it to stop, but I want to make sure the experience lasts for you, so each time I sense you getting too close, I remove My hand and stand up to tease you with My sexy body in My catsuit.
I can tell, at this point, that the urge to feel release has graduated from a desire to a need, which I take it upon Myself to increase, by straddling you and grinding on your hard cock. Then, when I know there's no possible way you can resist doing whatever it takes to feel release, I explain that if you want that orgasm, you're first going to have to give Me the most valuable possession in your home.
It's strange how all of the material possessions you've collected over the years all seemed so important and valuable up until this moment-- the one where you find yourself giving Me the information I desire, and simultaneously realize that the most valuable thing in the world is not a material object, but human contact!
Both of U/us delighted by your epiphany, I re-mount you and continue grinding and teasing until neither of U/us can take it anymore and reach climax together.
I guess sometimes it takes a pandemic to teach you what really matters in this world... which in turn gives you the best orgasm of your life!

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