Goddess Wolfe - OK bro you be Me Ill Be My BF

Added: 20-09-2020

OK “step”-bro, you Be Me and I’ll Be My boyfriend
**travel with Me to a fantastical world where dreams come true; a world you can access only by buying this clip… and worth it, because once purchased, you can visit anytime you want.** *In this world, you’re My younger “step”-brother. I’ve been kind enough to let you live in My guest room since your school closed back in March due to COVID, so you don’t have to stay with “step”-Mom and “step”-Dad. Though, I’m starting to wonder if you had ulterior motives when you asked to stay with Me…* Hey “step”-bro. Whatcha up to? Excuse Me?! This is MY house, remember? I don’t need to knock on doors in My own home. What are you being so secretive about anyway? OMG what!? Where’s chad!? you’re not even going to answer Me? you’re just going to ask where MY boyfriend is?! Could you be ANY more obvious?? About what? Really? I don’t know, about the fact that you’re a little fucking faggot and you’re just using Me to get close to My boyfriend… Aww nothing to say? It doesn’t matter. I’ve finally figured you out. All these years, I thought it was “cute” that you wanted to spend time with My boyfriends. But now I realize, you’re trying to steal them from Me or something. Well, hate to break it to you, “step”-bro, but I date straight guys. So, they’re never going to want you… unless… I don’t know… you look like a girl… OMG you totally want to be a girl, don’t you!? Ha! Perfect. Oh, and to answer your question, Chad is out for the day. But, you and I don’t need him for this game I have planned for U/us. No. For this game, I am going to be Chad. And you, are going to be Me. Oh, yes, little “step”-brother. I’m going to teach you how to be the best little sissy faggot anyone has ever seen! *Buy the clip for the EPIC POV taboo sissy training/ make-me-bi experience, incorporating elements of “step”-sisters, feminization, small penis humiliation, cross dressing, strap-on, cock worship, blowjobs, fingering, anal stretching, gags, ass to mouth, orgasms, hands free orgasm, cum eating fantasy, and of course the incredible, unparalleled privilege of role-playing with Me*

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