Miss London Lix - Hard To Date, Easy To Goon

Added: 27-09-2020

In the 'new normal', it's really quite hard to successfully date. Regular date locations are closed, you really should be responsible and keep your distance, and a guy like you, who already had the odds stacked against him, must be having a really hard time. On the flip side...indulging in your number one hobby - jerking off - is easier than ever. Perhaps you're working from home, or have more free time in the day, and no-one's on your back about why you don't have a girlfriend or aren't going out. For once in your life, gooning is actually really easy, acceptable almost. It's almost like...the world's working in your favor for once...or...against you, depending on how you view your little masturbation compulsion. This has the potential to explode into something really dangerous, doesn't it? Your jerking obsession and femdom addiction could get a whole lot worse whilst lockdowns and social distancing are in effect. You might become a real quick dick, or develop severe erectile dysfunction, or be unable to get off to anything BUT humiliation. It's a good job there's not a seductive woman laying manipulative and tempting bait out for you to get tr apped in every day. Oh wait... ;)

Mind Fuck, Verbal Humiliation
Addiction, Addiction Training, Beta Acceptance, Bitch, Evil Fantasy, FemDom POV, Jerk Off Encouragement, Masturbation Humiliation, Ruinatrix,

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