Princess Miki - Goon Go Blank Dont Think

Added: 29-09-2020

If you want to be fully immersed, then you’ll do exactly as I say. No light. No sound. No distractions. No other thoughts. Your thoughts aren’t welcome here. You want to cling onto every single syllable of My whispers, and allow the vibrations of the binaural to take you deeper.
You want to experience the pleasure of having your mind wiped clean, right? You have a role to play in allowing this to happen. I repeat: do as I say.
Your cock is already Mine. I want to claim your brain, too.
When you watch Me, when you listen to Me, when you get in that gooning state, of course you lose your mind. Your thoughts begin to dissolve, and so do your worries. It’s a natural occurrence when you’re in My presence; your mind turns itself off, almost instinctually.
However, you return to reality eventually. Your mind begins to function, and the pleasure of being My blank slate wanes. You lose a part of My influence when you regain access to your mind… that’s why you want to be permanently reduced to a blank slate.
I’m going to fully immerse you in erotic, mind altering bliss. The images of My body are wildly erotic. My voice will arrest you completely. The only thing you’ll be able to do is stare, goon, and erase your thoughts in the process.
My whispers will trickle into your mind, implanting My message deeper and deeper while your brain becomes increasingly vacant. When you goon, you make more room in your mind for Me.
Losing control, losing yourself, losing your mind, and surrendering your cock to Me can only result in erotic, euphoric pleasure that can’t be replicated elsewhere. You don’t mind that I’m rewiring your brain. You chase this pleasure.
When you lose your mind for Me, it doesn’t feel like you are losing anything. You are willingly surrendering your identity in exchange for this otherworldly sexual pleasure.
You want Me to be with you always, thinking for you. You want to empty yourself out so that My thoughts may replace yours. Gooning is the way. Are you ready?

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