Mistress Alana - BRUTALLY CRUEL Cuck Reject Meditation

Added: 12-10-2020

*Warning: DO NOT purchase if you have dark thoughts. This clip could push you over the edge as I slowly enter your mind and say very cruel things. This was a custom request for 10 minutes which was way too short for everything that was asked. I spoke for 47 minutes. Cut it down into this 35 minutes version where I go in a lot of descriptive details and really take the time to pause to let you take in everything I say. I have been reading up on how Mesmerize is used by psychiatrists and doctors. I would like to incorporate some of the things I’ve learned into this video. One of the key elements is eye fixation, you want my eyes glued to the same spot, so sit close to camera and try to keep your head steady. No need to tease with cleavage, I just want to stare into your eyes while you torment me. Always ask questions to which I will respond in affirmative. Always use present tense. Speak slowly at the rate that I’m breathing with frequent pauses. The outline I’m providing below is just an outline. It will work better if you incorporate your own experiences into making the video more effective, so feel free to make changes as you see fit. Wouldn’t be femdom if I told you exactly what to do, right? I’ll break the outline out into multiple messages to make it easier to read. Start by telling me to take a deep breath. Hold it. Release. Repeat that a few times. Next tell me to relax different parts of my body (face, shoulders, legs, etc) like the cooldown at the end of a yoga lesson. Use visceral descriptions (“feel the warmth between you and the bed.”). Tell me to close my eyes. Tell me to picture my ex in my head. Have me picture her face, body, hair, smell, voice, smile, laugh, etc. Go through each feature slowly allowing me time to think of it. Make me get a good mental image of her in my mind. Viscerally (sight, sound, feel, smell) describe her having sex with someone better than me. Describe the scene in detail with her being the main focus, the color of her lingerie, the positions she gets into, the dirty talk she says to him, the way we she looks in his eyes, the way she moans, the way her back arches. Think of some of the best sex you have had or a porn scene you find really hot and describe it to me play-by-play as though she’s the one getting fucked. Be happy for her finding someone so much better and keep comparing how much better off she is now than she was with me. Describe how she feels about him emotionally too (how she feels about him, all the ways she knows she loves him). Think of her as a friend of yours and you’re thrilled she’s found someone to satisfy her sexually and emotionally. Just as you’re happy she’s found someone, be happy that I have not. Celebrate that I’m alone and no woman has to deal with me. Celebrate that she has totally forgotten about me. Tell me my future. Tell me about all the thing things I’ll never experience. Never get laid again, never be sexually desired again, never have anyone love me, never get engaged, married, honeymoon. Describe how lonely I will be for every valentine’s day, birthday, Christmas, etc. Again, be visceral with your descriptions. So don’t just say “you’ll never be loved” but describe to me what I’ll be missing. The hunger in a woman’s eyes, the feelings of being loved, etc. Think of some of your happiest or horniest moments in your life and describe to me as something I’ll never experience. Be cruel. $100 bonus if you make me cry.

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