Natashas Bedroom - Scheduled Blackmail Fantasy

Added: 18-10-2020

I know you're afraid of blackmail-fantasy. It feels so good to play along, to stroke your fear boner as you expose-fantasy yourself to me in all kinds of compromising ways...but then there's that big, scary moment where you have to make a choice: muster up the courage to press send or pussy out. Sometimes it holds you back, but it won't today. In this bmail challenge, there will be no moment of choice.
You're going to send me three pieces of personal information, presented in an especially compromising way. Here's the twist: you won't send that email immediately. You'll schedule it to send later - much later. You'll have so much time to chicken out that you won't think twice about doing what I say. After all, you have plenty of time to back out.
And will you back out? You're free to. But I know you won't. There's no moment of courage required for you to surrender to my bmail control; this email will send by default. All it takes is time -- and with this much time, anything can happen.
By the way, even if you do chicken out, I'll still have one little thing on you. What do I mean? You'll see.

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