HumiliationPOV - Princess Muzilo - Teaching Premature Ejaculators How To Goon, Learn How To Indulge In Masturbation

Added: 16-11-2020

I know you love masturbating. You love jerking your cock. You wish you could goon to porn day long, don’t you? But you have one little problem, don’t you? You cum way too fast. Unfortunately you’re a premature ejaculator. You can’t control it. You jerk off and cum so fast. You wish so badly that you could be a gooner. You wish you could last longer and you could goon for hours. But you can’t lol. You’re just a pathetic premature ejaculator who’s never felt the pleasure of gooning.

You want to indulge in masturbation, don’t you? Yes, I know you do and I’m going to help you. I’m going to train you to be a real gooner, to goon all day to porn without cumming. To really edge yourself and build up to that amazing mind blowing orgasm. All you have to do is listen to my instructions.

So here’s what I want you to do. First, just do one stroke. Now wait for ten seconds and then stroke twice. Wait for ten seconds and then stroke three times. It sounds easy right. Each time you’re going to add a stroke. I know you’re pathetic and weak and it doesn’t take long for you to cum. But I want you to do this and see how many pumps it takes until you cum. So get your cock nice and hard and play along with me. I’m going to instruct you through all of your strokes. Stroke, stroke, stroke and stop lol. Try not to cum. You don’t want to cum, you want to learn to be a gooner. You need to learn self control. Stroke and stop, stroke and stop, each time adding a stroke.

Don’t you just love being teased by my hot young bratty body while you stroke? Yes, I know you do but try not to get too turned on. Try not to cum. I know it’s hard lol. Premature ejaculators like you are so pathetic. I want you be just a little bit less pathetic. I want you to learn to goon like a normal chronic masturbator lol. And if you follow my instructions, you will learn to go longer and longer without cumming. You might cum after a few strokes the first time you do this, but if you continue to do this, you will build up a tolerance and soon it will take you more and more strokes until you cum and eventually, you’ll learn to goon.

This is how you become a gooner, you stroke and stop, stroke and stop. Don’t you wanna learn to goon? Don’t you wanna learn the pleasure of gooning? Of course you do, you don’t want to be a pathetic premature ejaculator your whole life, do you? No, so let’s keep going. Stroke and stop, add strokes, resist the urge to cum. Let go every time you think you’re about to cum. Then wait, and start up again. Good boy. I’m going to train you to be a good gooner. I’m going to break you of your premature ejaculation problem and you’re going to thank me for turning you into a gooner. Then you can spend your days and nights just gooning to porn and wasting your life away like the rest of the pathetic gooners out there LOL!

– Princess Muzilo –

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