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Added: 12-12-2020

Mistress India! This is a heart thumping financial domination mindfuck. Literally. The heart monitor on the screen is accompanied by an auditory heart beat. The speed of both increase incrementally as the clip progresses, causing your heart to race faster and faster. And you will see Mistress India in the corners of your screen encouraging you to jerk your cock faster and faster, and the rate at which she encourages you to jerk also increases progressively in time with the heartbeat! This is one intense financial ruin mindfuck! Mistress India truly knows how to get inside the head of weak pay pigs, she will plant triggers that will have your piggy cock twitching!

For this video there’s no need for you to speak, there’s no need for you to think. Just simply obey. Why? Because you are no longer a man, you are an atm machine. You don’t get to think, you don’t get to talk, you don’t get to form opinions, you don’t get a please or a thank you, you are simply a cash dispensing machine at my disposal. I put in a number and you withdraw it. It’s really simple. And how lucky are you that you get to be my personal money pumping machine? You get to become what you truly are, and I don’t even have to address you like a human being. You have no name, all you have to do is spit out my cash like a good little machine.

I can just drain you dry over and over again until the money runs out, and then I just walk right out of your stupid little life until you’ve got more for me to withdraw, and then the cycle starts again? Do you understand, ATM? Of course you do, you’ve been perfectly conditioned to pay. You don’t care about me acknowledging your existence, you know that’s out of the question for you. I don’t give a fuck about you. I really don’t. All I care about is the dollar amount that you dispense to me. I only give a fuck about your cash. I don’t give a fuck if you go into debt, you are nothing to me. Do you think I give a fuck if you give me your entire paycheck and leave nothing for yourself? Absolutely not. That’s your job, you’re a pathetic walking wallet, you couldn’t stop sending to me if you tried. And I know you’ve tried, lol!

You’ve paid your way into complete self destruction and you’ve tried to run away from your purpose as an ATM but you can’t. You crawl back with your wallet in your mouth every time because you need to pay. You are an ATM. I always end up draining what I want from you because you’re a weak pay pig. Face it, no woman is ever going to show you as much attention as I am right now. And the only reason you get this amount is because you pay. Without paying you’re nothing, and you need to be something, even if that means being a human ATM. You need this little bit of excitement. Your cock just starts jumping with every single transaction. You’re a desperate worthless little cash dispenser.

And now you’re going to show me how badly you need it. You’re going to show me how much you crave to be used by me. Show me that you can be a good atm and start withdrawing my cash. Open another tab and go to (website given in clip), now click my tribute button and clear your head of everything else. Right now you only have one setting, and two functions. You are in human atm mode, anything else that doesn’t involve withdrawing cash for me is no longer part of your mental library. That’s not part of your programming. And your two functions are, check balance and withdraw. Now you’re going to type in a tribute, and in the ‘leave a note’ section, you’re gonna write, ‘ATM Transaction’. Click send. Good boy. Good little machine. How easy was that? How thrilling was it?

Again machine, another ATM transaction. I get so much cash from mindless paying drones like you. You are no one to me, just another atm. I know you you’re desperate to be used again, click click. Withdraw. But we’re not done, I want more. ATM Transaction. Good boy. I always deserve more, don’t I? And it just feels so good to your twitchy cock every time you click. You just can’t help yourself. You only have those two functions, check balance and withdraw. Questioning whether or not this is good for you? Not one of your functions lol. Withdraw again ATM. All I have to do is push your little buttons and you respond eagerly.

Not a man, just a machine, keep that running through your mind. Withdraw ATM. No thoughts, no opinions, no resistance, just a cash dispensing machine. I know this drain is making you so horny. But you don’t get to cum, no, it’s not one of your functions. But now we are going to make use of your second function, check your balance. Open up your banking app and look at what’s left of after I’ve just drained you. And you’re gonna stroke to that, you’re going to stroke to all of those transactions that you just made. The only pleasure that a human atm like you gets is the pleasure of being drained by me, the pleasure of going broke for me. All you get to stroke to is your own financial destruction.

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