Astrodomina - 2018 CEI COMPILATION

Added: 21-12-2020

CUM BIN CUCK feat Astrodomina

You're drooling already? Is it because your Goddess is here in front of you? Or is it because of the cock she's stroking? Wouldn't you just love to put it in your mouth for her? Go ahead, stick your tongue out and lick it. You know you want to. And not just licking it. You want to touch it, jerk it, put it in your mouth and eventually, eat his cum. All for your Goddess.
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CUM EATING DAY feat AstroDomina

Tasty salty cum. That's what you need. As you look up at Sydney, it's pretty clear what today is. Cum eating day. There is no illusion you'll be able to do anything but obey her. Showing off her amazing ass in the leather pants she has on, she wastes no time. She makes you start touching yourself right away, pants will be coming off quickly and you need to get to work on this quickly. Grab some lube if needed and follow along to Sydney's instructions. The only question that remains is where will Sydney want you to cum before you lick it all up?
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CREAMPIE EATER feat AstroDomina

Have you used and that new Fleshlight yet? Of course you have? Even after 6 months, you're still totally into it. Watching Sydney's videos at the same time definitely helps doesn't it? Today, let's take it up a notch. Sydney wants you to use your flesh light again, but today, she expects you to also eat your cum for her. Isn't that one of the things you've been fantasizing about anyway? Tasting your own cum that comes out of that replica Astro pussy is something you just have to try. So go ahead and put your cock in the fleshlight and start pumping it. Follow along to Sydney's instructions and let's see how this go, you nasty cum eater. The only question that remains is which of Sydney's body parts you want to cum today?

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SHINY HOSE CEI feat AstroDomina

It's been a while since Sydney decided to tease you with her beautiful legs and stockings. Did you miss her? Did you miss her legs? Does it give you an instant chub and a desire to start stroking right away? What would you give to be able to make passionate love to her calves, her feet, her thighs? You've always admire how amazing Sydney's ass looks in those pantyhose. Oh, just to get close to them, smell them, touch them, would be a dream come true. Sydney knows how much you're craving an orgasm, so for today, she has something extra in mind. And that is for you to taste the cream in your mouth. That's right, you'll be eating your cum for Sydney and her stockings today.

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TRIPLE SHOT OF JIZZ feat AstroDomina

The only thing that should come out of your mouth is a thank you for Sydney to give you another opportunity to cum for her and eat your own cum. And not just one load, no. Sydney expects you to jerk and jerk and then jerk again, for a total of 3 cum shots. All in one shot glass. Are you ready for an intense CEI experience? Well this is it. So let's not waste any time, get ready for the first one. Keep in mind there will be two more after that. So don't blow your entire load in one shot! After all, there will be a reward if you conclude the challenge for Sydney!

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PUNISHED BY WIFE'S BEST FRIEND - Part 2 feat AstroDomina

Sydney is very disappointed in you. You came all over yourself like a pathetic premature ejaculator. So it's time to pay the price. Now you have to do everything Sydney tells you to do. If not, Sydney will tell your wife all about what happened. And not only your wife, but your friends, your family and your co-workers as well. You better comply or your life as you know it is pretty much over. So go on, follow along. Start stroking your cock. Pinch your nipples. Follow all of Sydney's orders and your life might not be over just yet.
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