EroticFemaleDomination - Mistress Is Disgusted By Fat Losers Jerking Off

Added: 10-03-2016

Fucking lard! Fucking worthless, you can’t even reach your own dick to jerk off to this video I’m making for you, you fucking loser! Maybe you could try sticking your cock between your fat rolls. Jerking it off that way. Just move around a little, you know? You’re so fucking fat, you can’t get any pussy so you’re forced to suck fucking cock. That’s all you can get, is a fucking cock in your mouth. Because everything else about you is fucking worthless, you know? Waste of my fucking time making this fucking video for you! Fucking fat ass, you make me fucking sick! You need to fucking lose some fucking weight man! You’re fucking pathetic! Try to reach your fucking cock, you know? You might mistake it for a piece of your fucking fat, it’s so fucking small. You know? You lost that a long time ago, you know? Can’t even fucking see it! When was the last time you saw it there, you know? Fucking pathetic to me. Fucking piss me the fuck off, fat ass! You little fatty! Shut the fuck up you fucking little fatty! Try to grab your fucking cock! You can’t fucking find it down there! You’re fucking worthless! Gosh! Fucking make me sick! I wanna fucking throw up on you! You make me fucking sick, you know? I won’t be able to jerk off for the next three weeks because of this man! Just thinking about you! Go fucking suck some cock if you can even get a guy’s cock in your mouth, you know? He might mistake you for something else, you know? You ain’t no man, you ain’t no fucking pussy, you know? You’re just a fucking piece of fat floating around on this earth because you can’t even see your fucking legs when you’re fucking walking! You know? Oh, you make me fucking… Oh, disgusting! Put the fucking fork down you fat ass! Oh, go, fuck off man! I can’t handle you, you make me fucking sick! You know? Oh… You’ve made me fucking jealous! You have bigger titties than me! Fuck man! Maybe we can go have plastic surgery and you can give me some of that fat to put in my own tits, you know? Do something, you know? Put a rubber band around your stomach or something, you know? Maybe you should just stop fucking eating, you know? Fucking waste of my fucking time! Alright? You can fuck off now! I don’t wanna see you, I don’t wanna know who you are! Just fuck off.

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