HumiliationPOV - Lucid Lavender - Virtual ToyGirl Turns You Into Her ToyBoy Goon Bot

Added: 18-01-2021

HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest brat Lucid Lavender! Lucid is your programmed virtual toy girl and she wants you to be her toy boy. In order to be her toy boy, you’re going to need your favorite toys. They could be a chastity device, a vibrator, a butt plug, a blindfold, a gag, a hood, some handcuffs, or some rope. It doesn’t matter just bring your favorite toys to play with toy girl. She’ll teach you how to play! And in addition to the mindblowing visuals, this clip contains a riveting, thumping soundtrack which goes perfectly with Lucid’s voice which has a countless vocal effects, she sounds just like a toy bot! This is an intense mindfuck that will be enhanced with aroma and headphones.
Level 1 – Do you wanna play with me? Pick your favorite toy. I want to turn you into a goon. I wanna cover your eyes, I wanna cover your mouth. I wanna lock you up, I wanna make sure you can’t cum. I wanna make sure you can’t touch yourself and that I’m the only one who can unlock you. Put your chastity device on and then stroke. Stroke in your chastity and see if you can cum. You can’t. Let me stuff your mouth with a gag. Do you like to see? Do you like your vision? You don’t need it all the time tough. Blindfolded goon, stroke and goon. Stroke in your chastity device, see if you can goon, see if you can cum. Goon boy. I wanna play, do you wanna play? Play with your favorite toys with your favorite toy girl. Lock yourself up for your favorite toy girl. Make it tight for me. And then stroke yourself, goon boy.
Level 2 – Two toys must be in use for level 2. There is no cumming in level one. To proceed to the next level, two toys must be in use. You must not have cum in level one. Level 2 approaching. Ready your toys. Stroke and show me your favorite toys. Teach your toy girl about your favorites. Stroke and teach your toy girl about your favorite toys. Stroke yourself goon boy. Do you want who you are to be completely taken away? Do you want to put on a hood? You don’t have to see, you don’t even have to be, while you’re with me, your favorite toy girl. What about shoes, feet, heels? I could stroke you with my heels, I could stroke you with my feet, is that what you want to boy? Do you want me to vibrate you through your chastity? But don’t worry, you can’t cum. Put on my collar. Toy girl wants toy boy. Or what about a butt plug? I haven’t used one of these before, I’ve been waiting for the perfect boy to do it with. Maybe you could be that boy? Insert it.
Level 3 – There is no cumming in level 2, to proceed to level 3, three toys must be in use simultaneously. You must have three toys to proceed with me to level 3. Are you ready? Will toy boy join me in level 3? Toy girl doesn’t want to be alone. Stroke with your toys on, stroke with me. Toy girl likes toy boys. Stroke, stroke, play, edge, stroke with your toy. What’s your favorite? Teach me. Stroke, stroke, stroke, toy girl wants you to stroke. Stop. Toy girls say no. Toy girl says goon.
Orgasm allowed in two minutes and thirty seconds. Stroke. Play. Edge. Goon. Toy girl wants a toy boy. Stroke, edge, play. Stop. Two minutes til orgasm. Stroke, play, goon. Play with your toys. Play with your cock, toy boy. Do you wanna play with me? Stroke with your toy. Edge. Teach me about your favorite toy. Teach me. Toy girl wants you to stroke. Stop. One minute thirty seconds til orgasm. Stroke, goon. I wanna lock you up. Do you wanna play with me? Stroke with your toy. Goon boy. Stroke yourself stupid goon boy. You have one minute until orgasm. Stroke, goon, edge, play with your toys. Toy girl wants you to play. Thirty seconds until orgasm. Toy girl wants a toy boy. Stroke, goon, edge. Stroke and play with your toys. Final countdown commencing. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. cum for me toy boy. Toy girl wants toy boy to cum with his toys. Good toy.
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