Natashas Bedroom - CEI or Chastity Predicament

Added: 09-02-2021

Do you want to eat your cum for me? Yes or no – that doesn’t matter. You WILL eat it. Once you press play, the CEI predicament begins. You’re trapped now. There are only two ways out: swallow your load, or suffer the chastity consequences. And the consequences will be harsh. But you won’t have to worry about that. You will swallow every drop of your cum for me.
You’re jerking, edging, listening to me tease you about the taste of your impending oral creampie as I play with my tits in your face and pull down my panties, and you know you’ll eat it for me. You can already taste the cum on your tongue. You’re even begging for it. Then my countdown begins. The moment is almost here, and you start to chicken out. You resist. But then you see the chastity cage in my hand. You realize that you don’t have much of a choice at all.
You ruin your orgasm into your mouth and swallow it all down like a good boy.
What if you don’t? It’s a denial penalty for you, of course, but your predicament doesn’t end there. It’s time for round two, and the stakes are even higher this time…
*You’ll have the option to play this game on easy mode or hard mode.*
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