HumiliationPOV - Goddess Kitty - What Brain? There Is No Brain – Brainless Stroke Puppets Don’t Think, Do They?

Added: 20-02-2021

Goddess Kitty has created another brilliant masterpiece for HumiliationPOV! This is a very sensual mesmerize clip where you will be enchanted by her gorgeous voice, her subliminal whispers, all while tumbling down, deep into trance, losing your brain, and finding that blissful place, where all you do is stroke…
Don’t think. Just stop thinking. I don’t want you with any thoughts in that brain of yours. I want you to be nothing more than a mindless jerk zombie. Just listen to the sound of my voice, listen to my words. You don’t need to think, you are simply my puppet, jerking away. I’m going to completely shut down that brain of yours. Watching this is going to make you lose IQ points. I’m going to turn you into a dumb, mindless jerk zombie. So don’t think, just watch, listen and stroke.
Breathe in and out as you focus on me and the sound of my voice, and those sensations that I’m causing in your body. I’m thinking for you, there are no thoughts in that brain. Just let go. Feel that inner peace flowing from my lips to your brain. You don’t need to do anything but become emptier and emptier. Your mind is blank. Your brain is off. You are simply a vessel taking in my words. You are my brainless stroke puppet and with every breath you sink deeper. I’m going to count you down, and when I get to one, you will be utterly thoughtless. I want you a mindless jerk zombie for me. Slip down deeper and deeper. Your mind is Blank.
Welcome jerk zombie. Welcome mindless stroker. It feels so good to lose all control. It’s so good to just feel and not think, to just stroke and stroke and stroke and focus only on that. It feels so good being a puppet. All control is lost. You are just a mindless drone for me. You are just a jerk zombie falling down that slippery slope, as my trance makes you feel so very Blank. There is nothing in your head anymore. There is nothing but your physical craving to stroke. Good dumb brain. Good little mindless jerk zombie. Lose your mind. Feel yourself drifting on a current of pleasure. Feel your mind emptying out. Feel all of your thoughts, disappearing. Because you are my mindless little drone. And that’s want you want, you want to be my drone. You want to be dumber and dumber. And you don’t have to do anything at all, no, doing anything at all would be so hard for a man with no brain, wouldn’t it?
Your only desire is stroking, stroking, stroking away. Your brain is so dumb. It’s so very easy turning you into my mindless jerk zombie. Especially when I look like this. I am perfection. That brain… what brain? There is no brain. There’s no thoughts, there’s no feelings, there is nothing, you are empty. And you are only going deeper and deeper into becoming my mindless jerk zombie. Jerking for me is so good. Porn is so good. Look at you so stupid. I love knowing that you have no thoughts, that you have no desires other than being brainless. You are completely brainfucked, mindfucked. A dumb little drone. Jerk, jerk, jerking away. And this is exactly where you should be.
Don’t think my little puppet. You don’t need any thoughts in that brain, do you? No, you are empty, you are blank, you are just a dumb little stroker. You’re just a stupid brainless jerk zombie. And you love it. You love being completely empty for me. You love being blank. There’s no thoughts in that dumb brain of yours, no, just my voice in your head. Just worship my perfection and sink even deeper. Good pet. Good dumb brain. You’re nothing but an empty brain in an empty vessel. Stroke, stroke, stroking away your stupid little life away. Look at you, how many brain cells have you lost just watching this?
I want your mind completely empty except for the thought of just what a brainless jerk zombie you are for me. I’ve taken over that dumb little brain of yours. It’s so easy to break a dumb mind like yours. You will never be able to escape the craving to be empty. You are a mindless jerk zombie for me. You cannot escape. There’s nothing in that dumb brain of yours any more. No thoughts, just the mindless compulsion to watch porn and stroke your cock like the little brainless jerk zombie that I’ve now programmed you to be. And there’s no escape.
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