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Please could you wear the same outfit from "JOI DEEP MESMERIZE" with your hair tied in a ponytail like it was in "COMPULSIVE MASTURBATER". *Please keep the camera angle and lighting the same as it was in "JOI DEEP MESMERIZE"* You've dru gged & kidn*pped me. You've taken me to your private dungeon where you'll take your time to enjoy the process of teasing & shaming me before ra ping me mercilessly.You're sitting in front of me with a dildo on a table like "JOI DEEP MESMERIZE"* Say there's a hole in the table that you've f0 rced my cock & balls through so I can't pull away or escape from your sadistic gloved hands.You've given me a dr*g that will keep me hard for hours. You give me a handjob, there is no escape. I'm your slave now, you'll f0 rce me to cum for you to the point of exhaustion. "Look how hard your cock is for me Edward. I've wanted to wank your cock & make you cum for me for so long Ed". Massage my balls & stroke me faster until I cum! Use lube on your gloves & start wanking me again. Then one hand goes under the table and you start to finger my ass as the other hand jerks me off. Your gonna fill me with shame as you coerce me to cum like this. Mock me as you bring me closer, "That's it, give it to me Ed. Give me your cum. Don't fight it. I'm not gonna stop wanking you until you spunk. You don't have a choice. Do it! Give it to me. I want it. Give me your cum Edward". You then climb ontop of me and tell me you're gonna r@pe me. You want me to cum in you next.

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