HumiliationPOV - Princess Mika - Mesmerized Drooling Idiot For My Perfect Pink Curves

Added: 16-04-2016

Hi loser, pink is going to be your new favorite color. Do you know why? Because I look amazing in all pink. I make everything look so good, dont I? Just look at this. Its kinda ridiculous isnt it? And Ive only begun to tease you in what Im wearing. My pink bra, pink panties, pink stockings, pink panties and I even have on pink heels. I am a vision in pink. Are you staring? Are you worshiping? Ill bet you are, youre taking it all in.

Look at my tits in this pink bra, look at my long legs in these pink stockings, look at my perfect ass. I know you cant stop staring and jerking. Im so adorable yet so devious, arent I loser? Look at me in this picture perfect position. Ill bet you could just stare at me for hours. You grasp onto every glimpse that I allow you, that I give to you. Its so fucking easy to manipulate you. I barely have to do anything. Stare at my long pink princess legs as they go down, all the way to my pink heels. You cant look away, I have you completely mesmerized.

You love when I tease you like this. Youre staring, drooling, gawking with your mouth open. Im not even telling you what to do, Im just allowing you to worship and take me all in. Just admire as you gaze at my perfect pink curves. You cant resist, you knew you were fucked from the moment you saw the preview for this clip.

Look how stupid youre getting. Im so perfect. Im just wrapping you around my little finger, just by teasing you. Just relax, dont think, just allow your brain to take it all in, slowly. Enjoy what Im giving you. Worship every last curve of my body, from my heels all the way to my perfect pretty princess face. Now go reflect on the perfection you just saw.

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