Femdomshed - Princess Sera - THERES SOMEBODY AT THE DOOR

Added: 20-04-2016

Ok slave, in five minutes Marcus will be coming home from work for his afternoon blow job. Today it's your lips, tongue and throat that will be pleasuring his nine inch throbbing cock. When He rings the doorbell I want you to walk over to the door, get down on your knees and open the door. I then want you to unzip his trousers and take out his cock. I want you to gently place his cock in your mouth and suck on it, once his cock is hard I want you to gag on it, I want you to deep throat his superior cock as far down the back of your throat as you can. I want to see tears coming down your cheeks and saliva dripping from your chin as you gobble up Marcuss cock. I know you enjoy sucking on big cocks slave so this is a real treat that I am allowing you today. Once Marcus is ready to ejaculate I want you to tilt your head back with your mouth wide open ready to collect his hot white load. I want you to jerk his cock off until he explodes and shoots his spunk directly into the roof of your stretched open mouth. Then I want you to put his cock back into your mouth slowly jerking out all of the remaining cum. DO NOT SWALLOW IT SLAVE! "I repeat" DO NOT SWALLOW IT... When Marcus has emptied his sacks into your mouth I want you to put his cock back into his trousers and fasten his zip. close the door with him behind it. I then want you to walk into the kitchen, take a glass out of the cupboard and gently spit His cum into the glass. Then put the glass into the fridge. Then I don't want to see you until 17:00, I want you to lock yourself in the closet and be as silent as a mouse. While you are locked in the dark closet I want you to think of all the things you love and adore in me, I want you to take the time to cherish my existence. At 17:00 I want you to come out of the closet and take the cold glass of cum out of the fridge, I want you to pour the cum from the glass into your mouth and hold it there making it warm. Then I want you to fetch my mobile phone and bring it to me while I relax on the couch. I will then phone Marcus and ask him how his day at work was and how his important meetings went. once the cold cum has turned warm inside your mouth I want you to pull my panties to the side and gently spit the cum of Marcus from your mouth into my royal pussy while I am talking with Him on my phone. I will then tell Marcus that his cum has arrived at it's final destination and describe to him how it feels. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR INSTRUCTIONS ARE SLAVE? (door bell rings) THEN GO AND ANSWER THE DOOR.

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