Madam Violet - Slave to the SNAP - Brainwash

Added: 04-05-2021

You hang off My every word, you ache with desperation for My next instruction. It’s pathetic...and I love it. I give the instruction you desire, commanding you to strip, kneel place your hands behind your back and beg. I love to see how weak ams truly pathetic you are.
I don’t even need words. I’ve trained you so good that you are a slave to the SNAP. Your cock twitches instantly with each SNAP and your mind drops. Rapid countdown and then you’re stroking. ONLY when I SNAP. One stroke for One snap. Let Me demonstrate with perfection how I have you wrapped around My fingers.
When I run My fingers along My breasts it’s mesmerising and yet so cock achingly frustrating because I’m not snapping, you can but stare in helpless obedient surrender, willing Me to SNAP. Being dominated and controlled, guided and trained, you love it you crave it you need it. The RUSH of you body’s instant response, the yearning as I TAUNT and tease you...dangling what you want right in front of you.
With GREAT pleasure comes great sacrifice, if you want Me to control you, well that’s exactly what I’ll do. My way.

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