SorceressBebe - Edge So Hard You’ll Do Anything I Say, CEI - Cei

Added: 05-05-2021

Custom Clip Description: (No name)
I first bought your clip (thirsty little) Cei. I loved all of the dirty talk and would like more this time around. I liked how you kept saying I’m a cum slut/whore. dirty little slut and laughing and all that, licking your lips and close ups of your beautiful face. . Looking for something similar to that. I love how you teased with your body and really showed off how sexy you are. You have amazing legs and ass, tight flat stomach and perfect tits! You are definitely just a bombshell!! I would like you to edge and tease the fuck out of me how you think is best. Make me drip and drive me out of my mind as well. You know I love jerking off to porn and hot girls like you but you own me and my cock and you are going to make me your pump slut! Make me jerkoff and goon out! Lots of edging/fake countdowns etc. really fuck with me lol make me beg you.
Just seeing you makes my cock soo hard. Talk about how you will make me eat it. Maybe off your toned calf’s or thighs. Or talk about maybe snowballing me, no that could never happen but I wish lol. Lick it off your tits? Out of your hand? Or cum in my own hand and lick it up for you. I have never done it yet, so this time you will make me. I really look forward to what hot sexy outfit you choose to wear.

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