Princess Ashley - I am your weakness, loser

Added: 28-04-2016

Hey loser, you’re so weak and pathetic for me. You’re such an addict. You’re a strokaholic for me. I know you’re already hard just looking at me, especially in this skin tight, shiny outfit. It perfectly accentuates all of my goddess curves. You’re already stroking your pathetic loser dick to me. You love my ass and my tits, you’re just a little stroking loser for me in my shiny outfit.

You love how I move my body in this skin tight outfit. You’re about to cum already. No wonder you could never get a girl like me, you couldn’t last just looking at me. I’ll bet if you saw me in person in this outfit you’d just cum in your pants. You’re such a fucking loser. You’re lucky I even let you watch my clips and touch yourself. You don’t even deserve that even though you’re paying for it.

I am your weakness. It’s so easy to make you horny and weak. You’re such a loser for me. Stroking away to my body and my brattiness. You pay to jerkoff to girls being mean to you. And that turns you on even more. So sad. Stare, jerk and loser your mind as you get off to my insults. Every time I flash you the loser sign your loser dick just twitches.

Your life is so pathetic, clicking and stroking for me. Paying for me to flip you off and call you a loser. You’re an addicted jerkaholic loser. You’re so desperate and pathetic. You’re stuck jerking off to bratty spoiled girls telling you what a fucking loser you are. You love it when I call you a loser. You’re gonna bust your load so many times to this clip. It’s so disgusting, I fucking hate you. You’re gonna put this clip on repeat and watch it over and over again. All your loser money should be spent on me.

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