Madam Violet - Brainwashed Beneath Me

Added: 28-04-2016

Seductive trance and powerful re-conditioning, My tits control your mind. I am naked, you are naked. That is where the similarity ends. your nakedness makes you vulnerable, it lessens you. As you strip off your clothes I strip away your power leaving you weak and defenceless. My nakedness STRENGTHENS Me, I FEEL powerful, so there IS a great POWER in My naked body, My beautiful naked breasts, I know it and I use it to great effect.Lets sit together, both of us equal in our nudity and I will demonstrate the clear and extreme power imbalance between us. Stripped bare, you will ALWAYS be beneath Me, because you will AWAYS fall under My spell, DROP under My control.I will capture your attention IMMEDIATELY, My BEAUTY instantly frying your brain. I will hip no tise you with My clever words, disarm you with My seductive smile, My flashing eyes, My glorious tits. I trigger you DEEPER repeatedly with those arousing snaps of My fingers. I think every time you DROP for me, you will fall a little bit in LOVE with Me, those TITS melting your brain as I play with My nipples. It genuinely trances Me out when Im hip no tising you, I get wetter and wetter, both of us HORNY and DRIPPING over the power My tits have over you. As I pleasure Myself and BRAINWASH you, you can but listen and watch, YOU are NOT allowed to stroke. DENY yourself FOR MY PLEASURE. I do not want anything to distract you from the experience of worship. I want you to know painfully that I have ALL the power, that My BODY can OVERPOWER your MIND. I want to teach you that watching Me bask in My own glory, watching Me PLEASURE My body - is ALL the pleasure you WANT, or need. You will be overflowing with intense desire for Me, a gripping need to please Me, just like a GOOD boy. I will make you see that you ARE beneath Me and that is ok, as there is nowhere else you would rather be. I leave you with your heavy, hard dick and plenty of post-trance commands; you will be a slave to My tits forever, forever bowing down in submission beneath Me.

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