Emily Jones - BitchBoys ANAL Training Part 3 / 3 - Anal Training

Added: 07-08-2021

Welcome to the Final Part of your first Anal-Training Programm! You have done quite well so far and I know you enjoyed it!
Does your little Asshole still hurt from the first two parts? I hope so, cause that' s what little Bitch-Boys like you deserve! I want you to be ready for me whenever I intend to be entertained by little whores like you and therefore you will be trained to take big cocks whenever and wherever it pleases and amuses me, got it?
These training-Sessions will go on and they will be a bit more humiliating and challenging every time, I want to keep you on a very tight schedule!
If you don't remember me when sitting down in the future, you will be missing something important in your life. You will feel so empty without my beloved Cock up your Ass - and that' s how I want you to live your life! Obendient and addicted to your one and only purpose in Life: Serving your Goddess, serving ME!

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