AstroDomina - LAP RIDE ORGASM - Asian Goddess

Added: 10-08-2021

You love my legs. You love my lap. It's your safe zone. It's what turns you on. Don't worry, I got you covered. Cum here!
As you observe Sydney walking in to her dungeon, wearing a casual outfit and her pink flip flops. She sashays across the room showing off her sexy legs. As she sits down, you can't help but admire her muscular legs. It's almost impossible to not get hard immediately. Especially when she starts bouncing her legs. There is something magical about those jiggly thighs, isn't there? You are just mesmerized as Sydney bounces her feet and legs. You're trying to figure out if it's her thighs that you obsess over or her legs in general. Sydney starts punching her thighs which creates waves of pleasure throughout her legs. She knows you're getting turned on by this. She wants you to keep watching. You attempt to get closer but get turned down until you have a bigger boner. If only you can get your cock bigger, Sydney will let you sit on her lap. A little while longer and you hear the magical question: do you want to sit on my lap? Of course you do! After some sexy vibrator play you get to go on another lap ride. What a thrill to be so close to those thighs. Until you both explode in ecstasy.

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