Madam Violet - $1K TriggeRED - Boot Joi

Added: 11-08-2021

I don’t want you to send $1k right now, but I am going to set up triggers in your mind, weaken your defences so that you will send. Using My big juicy tits, RED lips, nails and soles I will prime your mind to send $1000. Or not. It’s not like I can MAKE you do anything you don’t want to do, so why not click buy, get out your cock and open your mind and just see what happens....if you’re brave enough.
Straight into it, naked, kneeling trancing. The sound of My nails down My fishnets make you hard and desperate. The rules are simple and fucking hot, when I draw attention to My tits you are to visualise yourself with your wallet in your mouth on all fours having an explosive orgasm. When I show you My RED soles you will visualise sending Me $1k.
Without even touching your cock you are deeply turned on, the mind can’t tell the difference between what you imagine and what *really* happens. Seeing yourself CUM, imaging yourself SENDING, snapping, jumping, EXPLODING, sending, CUMMING... I FUCK your mind so expertly your are spinning...finally I allow you to stroke. Yessssss, good boy. So hard and weak, confused mind-fucked, what’s real? What’s $1k when you’re so triggeRED... so com on slave, if you think you are HARD enough *evil laugh*...

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