Pink Drip - Humiliating Meeting CUSTOM - Anal Training

Added: 14-08-2021

You’re the new guy here, and with every new guy comes our office hazing rituals…but with you it’s different. I berate you, call you disgusting names and you seem to be actually enjoying yourself. It’s a hot summer day, so your first task will obviously be licking alllll of that sweet and salty sweat off of my body, focusing on my boobs and armpits. Then we go down south, where I shove my dirty shoes in your pathetic face. Don’t worry, I also treat you to my socks and bare feet too! How do they taste? I bet they don’t taste as good as my ass…that’s your next mission. Eat my ass while I call you a filthy pig! You are REALLY liking this now, do you think you’re going to get to fuck me?? HAHAHA that’s the dummest thing I have ever heard…perverts like you only get to stick the tip in! You cum really quick after I pop your pathetic dick tip in and out of my ass, and I don’t want that juice to go to waste. I decide since you’ve been such a good bitch for me, you get to finish again all over my feet! But don’t leave without your souvenir ! I finish our meeting by making you a nice juicy booty pop to take home with you, cherish it forever you swine!

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