Goddess Christina - Better Than Sex - Goddess Worship

Added: 14-08-2021

You have no sex life. No pussy for you. No hot woman to fuck. Just you and your hand. And now Me. Getting in your head. Pulling you deeper into this existence. I can’t blame you. Many of my slaves tell me about how terrible their sex lives were. How they couldn’t keep it hard or the sex just wasn’t good. They admit that this right here - you pumping while worshipping Me feels SO MUCH BETTER than her pussy. So much better than sex! Just admit it. Say YES GODDESS. That cock is controlled by Me now. As a matter of fact - you’ll find so much pleasure in Me telling you what to do with it. Get out your girlfriend (fleshlight). You’ll lube up your dick real good then squirt some extra deep inside her. Now slide your dick in. She feels so good wrapped around your dick doesn’t she!?! It’s you, Me and your girlfriend. She doesn’t care about your size or imperfections. She doesn’t care about how kinky you are or that you’re a submissive little bitch. She’s just there - allowing all the focus to be on Me. That’s what you like. Me guiding you and telling you what to do. This is what you want. It’s so much better than sex!

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