Goddess Natalie - Stand up comedy for losers - Femdom Pov

Added: 14-08-2021

So, since you're such a big loser, and you always get me bored with your lame-ass cock, I came up with a new idea. Something a little different and special that we could do together and that you could jerk off to. Curious? Well...I bet you never got the chance to jerk off to a stand-up comedy show before, did you? lol
So here's what we're gonna do: I will look gorgeous as ever, like a queen with my glamorous crown and awesome leather outfit, while I will be making jokes about losers and their tiny cocks. And I'm funny as hell, so you should thank me I don't charge more for such an entertaining show :P While I will be telling my jokes, you will grab you lonely prick and rub it for me.
There will be some jerk off instructions sprinkled here and there, cause I wouldn't trust you on your own with that cock. You always need to be told what to do in order to do the right thing, don't you? Oh well...will I let you cum in the end? I guess that's something you're gonna have to go ahead and find out on your own, loser! So stop wasting my time and get to it! You can add a markup code to thank me for this more-than-just-awesome video!

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