Tigger Rosey - Become a Sissy for Me - Brainwash

Added: 20-08-2021

So I like a Sissy Feminization & Cuckhold scenario video where the guy is forcbly transformed into a Sissy Cuckhold/Maid he is verbally and physically degraded and manhandled by his Girlfriend or Wife who has taken upon herself the role of his Domme & Mistress! He is told that he’s not man enough or big enough to satisfy her he’s not a weakling or anything but he’s a man with some hidden feminine & submissive tendencies he wants to explore his female side and submit to a Superior Women & Domme! You want to take it a step further you remove his male clothes, shave his entire body bellow the eyebrows, dress him up in lingerie, nylons, heels, and apply makeup on him. Then you place a wig on top of her and call her by a new name a feminine name to suit her and she’s now a Sissy Cuckhold Slut! Then you put a butt plug insider him and place her in chastity. During this whole process your being dominant, demeaning, and encouraging your breaking him down and building her back up again molding her into the proper woman and submissive slave she was meant to be in order to serve you and please others. You want to talk to her about all the things you can do together getting your nails & hair done, shop, go to the spas, and explore all the opportunities you can share together and then go clubbing together where you can pick up Doms and share men together. You tease and demean her about her cock and how it’s a clit and her clitty remains in chastity but you want to watch her to submit to a man and then see you please and fuck a man. Then you wish to get fucked alongside side each other. You see her suck cock, lick pussy, eat ass, licking & sucking balls while your riding a Doms cock, eating cream pies and then blowing guys together as then you prepared to both get fucked. Then she experiences a new kind of pleasure anal pleasure from the superior 8-12 inch cocks and then she has a Sissygasm which you subtly mention to her previous that you want her to have the full submissive experience and you keep her from getting hard & orgasm as your way to maintain dominance over her as her Mistress! Then you plan on having her do this regularly and begin to have her as your permanent Sissy Slave where she can serve you and others pleasing those who are Superior to her for your and her own benefit. I like this video to be very verbal, demeaning with the good amount of encouragement you would give your Sissy as her girlfriend/wife and Mistress I think the name of the Sissy should be Alexis.

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