Madam Violet - FUBAR - Brainwash

Added: 21-08-2021

FUCKED UP beyond all REPAIR beyond all recognition, beyond all RESISTANCE and all RESCUE, that is what I have done to you, FOR YOU.
Come and sit with Me, get your cock out and stroke and let My words wash over you and THROUGH you. I love to tell you of how deliciously I have fucked you over and fucked you up, transformed you into someone, something different. As I do, I make you cock DROP and programme your mind so that by this time next year you will be even MOE fucked up for Goddess.
I guide you down, I take you DEEPER, I SNAP My fingers, I tease, torment, seduce and unravel you all as I remind you of just how fucked you are. How COMPLETE My POWER is.
The fact that you are FUBAR is obvious, what isn’t obvious yet deeply TRUE is that just because I;Ve fucked you up so good…doesn't mean I will not fuck you up even MORE. There is ALWAYS more ways to fuck you up, to CARVE you OUT, to TAKE what I want and OWN what I deserve
I have and will CONTINUE to fuck you beyond all repair, and you will just keep STROKING. As I count you down into orgams and up out of trance you are commanded to keep stroking, keep going until it HURTS : ),

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