Goddess Natalie - Slave morning ritual - Slave Training

Added: 22-08-2021

You've been sending me messages over messages to ask what you could do for me, how you could worship me better and prove your loyalty and respect for me. You already know that if you want to truly make yourself useful to me, you're gonna have to first apply to become one of my official slaves - you can find the application on my profile too, and there is a file to fill up with your skills and aptitudes, so I know which way you can serve me.
Once you've already become one of my lucky slaves, though, apart from following my daily guidance and doing the given tasks, there is one more way you can prove your respect to me. Every single day should be started the right way, and the only right way if you are my slave is by following a morning ritual or routine that will remind you who you belong to. This will keep you under m control for the rest of the day, without me doing anything at all to make sure you're obeying.
So here is what you gotta do as part of the ritual - well, I'm not gonna tell it to you for free, loser, you gotta buy the video to find out. Remember though...this is a routine to do every single morning and no skipping days for no reason. The slaves that send me vids or pics as proof of the ritual gain extra points with me.

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