Crystal Knight - Dr Crystal Therapy Fantasy - Brainwash

Added: 28-08-2021

This is not a fantasy, just to comply with site guidelines. This is reality.
You were referred to Dr. Crystal for your chronic masturbation fetish. I plan to make it worse Since my office is in my home I was just at the pool so I’m wearing a tiny bikini. Your file says you’re a pathetic jerk off addicted to pumping your cock to big tits. I recommend two appointments per week because I can tell you’re desperate to jerk for me. I say “Your file says you feel anxious in the morning until you beat off at least once. How many times per day do you pump? Three? Wow, you jerk off a lot, pervert. Do you whimper when you see a girl with big tits like these. I bet your hands smell like precum,lube and jizz." I notice a bulge and a stain on my pants and laugh as I point it out. I make me take out your cock, surprised that it looks normal. Asking you if you want to be one of my beat off boys. Laughing as you quickly nod and whimper.
Every girl you meet can tell you’re a cock pumper by the way you stare at them. I tell you how they all laugh and make jerk off motions behind your back. I ask you if my big tits are why you’re stroking faster and moaning. Comment on the pre-cum leaking from your drooling cock and the mess it made in your pants. Point out that the more I humiliate you the stiffer your cock gets and the harder you pump. I give you a countdown and tell you to imagine spraying my tits with cum. Moving close to the camera like I’m putting my tits in my face to tease you, I call you a pervert, a beat off boy, a chronic masturbator, a disgusting jerk off, pathetic stroke addict.

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