Madam Violet - A Bitch Says What - Brainwash

Added: 30-08-2021

This is for all boys, slaves, subs...bitches. I really want you to stroke your cock, I love to see it...but I want you to shut the fuck up. No requests, questions, wants, desires, hopes, opinions, thoughts. I don’t care! I just want silent OBEDIENCE from you. Look into MY beautiful eyes, watch My red lips, keep your fucking mouth shut and STROKE.
Strip, kneel and stroke straight away. Don’t say one fucking word as you do. I don’t want to hear one thing out of you. Mouth closed, mind open, dick dripping... silently. You’re My good boy, My obedient bitch, seen and not heard. I really want you to understand, and you will if you want to cum.
My juicy tits and ass make your cock twitch, I want you SO horny for Me, and SILENT, and so spendy and strokey, mouth SHUT, mind wide open...I count you down into orgasm, look at Me, CUM for Me. Good boy, My bitch. A bitch says what....? That’s right, absolutely fuck all.

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