HumiliationPOV - Mandy Marx - It's My Job To Fuck Up Your Brain And It's Your Job To Be A Mindless Stroke Drone - Brainwash

Added: 11-09-2021

Mandy Marx!
This clip contains some subliminal effects that will seep into your subconscious. The audio contains whispers, echo effects and binaural tones. And in addition to the spiral that appears on your screen, be sure to look into Mandy's eyes in the preview as they sometimes flash to two perfect spirals as their pierce into your mind and help to mesmerize you and receive Mandy's subliminal messages.
Your job is to try to be a human being despite your urges. It's your job to find balance and to do all of the things you need to do to be happy and content. And it's my job to tempt you. Much like obsession and addiction, moderation takes all of your focus. You have to let your will to change and your will to control and be controlled, you have to let that be stronger than your primal urges. It's your job to go to work and be productive and then it's my job, to be there, at night, or on the weekends, when you need to slip away and unwind. When you need so sneak away and jerk in the dark all alone. You need that special time alone where it's just you and me. It's always going to be my job to tempt you.
Think about the energy and the time you put into addiction, the energy and time you put into emailing me. And not just that, think about all those moments you're just thinking of me throughout your day or as you're falling åsl33p at night. Think about all that time. Time you spend, time you waste. Time is the one resource you can't get more of. And you use your time either constantly jerking or thinking about jerking. It's my job to not be like everyone else in your life. To be that special little other something. That temptation. And who knows you better? It's my job to tempt you and to fuck you up and to fuck up your brain. You still like to do that, right? You wanna have your brain fucked up by me, right? Do it, fuck your brain up and stroke for me. It's my job to tempt you and it's your job to get fucked up and stupid for me. It's your job to stroke for me and listen to my every word, and it's your job to find balance. It's your job to enjoy me.
It's my job to be absolutely irresistible. And it's your job to obey every word that comes from my lips. And I want you to get stupid for me. I want you to wreck your brain and stroke. Stroke for me. It's ok to get lost in this world sometimes. It's ok to enjoy my shiny outfit. It's ok to get lost in how good my ass looks in these pants. Keep stroking.
Femdom makes you better. Femdom is your theråpy. Stroke. Your job is to obey. Your job is to be a mindless drone, stroking and pumping away. Your job is to be a lost fucked up boy. Your job is to stroke and go blank. Femdom makes you better. Being a mesmerized little femdom stroke drone makes you better.

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FunkyFlo 12 September 2021 08:26
Mandy is a Crazy Psycho Bitch, a narcissistic whore

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