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Added: 24-09-2021

Are you a chronic masturbator? How often do you jerk that dick? Multiple times per day? Do you do anything else with your day besides jerking it? You're a chronic, compulsive masturbator. You have a problem. You should probably seek therapy. I wonder what's the most times you've done it in one day?

You jerk and jerk and jerk, and cum and cum and cum. It's so sad, it's your whole fucking existence. You are worthless. Your life would mean nothing if you didn't jerkoff all day. You'd have nothing else to do. You can't stop touching that dick. You can't! You're a chronic masturbator. You waste your entire day searching the internet for new clips to jerkoff to. That's what you wake up to do each and every day with your pathetic life.

You're an addict, addicted to jerking off all the time. How do you even get through the day? Do you work? Do you jerkoff at your job all day? Or do you just sit in a dark corner with your computer jerking off? You are paralyzed with jerking off. It prevents you from doing anything else with your life.

You are a compulsive masturabator. You have a problem. You're jerking right now. You were jerking even before you started watching this clip, and you'll still be jerking off when it's over. You'll probably watch it over and over again, all day, while you jerk, being a chronic masturbator, jerking to me making fun of you being a chronic masturbator. You must be so good of jerking off. I'll bet you've perfected it because it's all you fucking do with yourself. You're pathetic, you little jerkoff addict.

I'll bet you rub your dick raw, I'll bet you have sores. That's the sign of a true fucking compulsive masturabator. Jerking is the only thing you want to do, you don't even want to try and have a social life. You'd rather just sit at home alone in front of your computer and jerkoff to virtual brats who don't even know your name. This is just a video, I'm not even really talking to you. But you pretend so much that you think this is real. You think we have some kind of connection.

You're a freak, a social outcast. It just feels so good that you can't stop. You'd think you'd get bored jerking off all day, I mean who wants to sit at home all day every day masturbating? You do! You love it! Your life is complete when you hear me tell you what a chronic masturabator you are.

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