Eva de Vil - Keep Going - Mesmerize

Added: 25-09-2021

[Wear good headphones and watch this clip in a dark room to experience the full sensory mind fuck]

There’s no such thing as too much gooning. You can never touch your cock too much for me. And you can never be desperate enough to deserve an orgasm.

You don’t earn it through your desperation alone. You earn it through pleasing me. So keep going, my little goon slut.

Your desperation is simply a powerful motivator in achieving your true objective. The longer you goon, the more desperate you get. The more desperate you get, the more obedient you become, the easier it is to take control of your mind and saturate your senses with the addictive desire to be my good boy.

I want you breaking your personal records for me, surpassing new milestones and going deeper into denial than ever before. Stay denied for longer and longer. Life is better when you’re denied. Life is better under my control, pumping to the rhythmic beat of my programming.

Pleasing me is your duty and your true ecstasy. You crave the words “good boy” more than you crave an orgasm. You’d rather be my good boy than cum. Keep gooning.

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