Dominatrix An Li - Mistress An Li, Domina Helena - Combat Boot Busting ft Helena Locke - Cbt Fantasy Instruction

Added: 25-09-2021

So you thought you could handle two women ballbusting you, huh? After all, Domina Helena and I are irresistible in our workout outfits. Our tight leggings perfectly combat our knee high combat boots.
And you know what's so great about leggings? They allow for just the right amount of mobility to really kick balls all the way through. We'll need that mobility because we fully intend on decimating your balls.
We'll start off light. First with some ball grabbing just to get you by the balls. A couple of punches to warm you up. We'll show off the soles of our sexy combat boots to turn you on and titillate you, because you'll soon be making very close contact with them. A couple of light warm up kicks, and then...
Kick after kick after kick of unrelenting ballbusting. We want you knocked on your knees. We want you completely discombulating. We want you to get no respite, only to be kicked while you're down on the ground.
After all, what are combat boots for if not for ballbusting?
Features: Helena Locke and I double team you in our sleek workout outfits, kicking, kneeing, punching, pulling, grabbing, and overall overtaking your balls to bring you to a state of complete dizzying submission. Watch us laugh at your suffering, because you were foolish enough to take us on together.

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