Kasha Reine - Gooner Mind Control JOI - Mesmerize

Added: 25-09-2021

Hello my filthy little porn addict. Get your favorite porn ready and be prepared to go deep under my spell as I teach you to stroke and obey. Press play then look deep into my eyes and feel yourself immediately become a weak, mindless stroking puppet. You are bound to do as I say and I want you to stroke your cock exactly as I tell you. The softness of my mesh gloves running over my silky tits and slick black corset suddenly makes your cock incredibly swollen. You can't resist the urge to stroke because now I control your cock and your mind simultaneously. You look at me, then back at the porn and back at me again, the overstimulation feeding your craving. The cleavage of my perfect breasts makes you want to burst but you won't until I allow it. Because you can only obey me. You're my good stroking gooner now, my obedient, brainless porn addict. Let the deep, trippy, sensual sounds of my voice guide you to become a totally mesmerized gooner. Slow down and build up as I command until I finally allow you to cum. Then thank me and repeat the program over and over. p.s. This clip is great for beginner gooners or those who only have time for a quick release.

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