Goddess Evelyn - An Ass To Die For EXECUTRIX - Findom

Added: 30-09-2021

This is your first time hiring someone to satisfy you sexually. You sit in your hotel nervously waiting for the woman to come. She knocks, and you let her in, and invite her to sit on the bed. She is beautiful, and immediately you begin to feel nervous and weak. You meekly ask her the price, and she tells you not to worry about that. She thinks you need to relax a bit first. She walks up to you, and takes off her panties(a thong is underneath). She places them on your head and puts her ass in your face. Instantly you begin to feel woozy. She tells you that her ass pheromones make men weak.
As you feel yourself getting weaker and weaker she begins to demand things from you. She asks for the safes code, $2,000, and your wallet. She keeps putting her ass in your face, intensifying the d-eadly effect. She demands that you hump her leg, like a pathetic little pet. You can't help yourself, you just feel so horny, so you obey.
She tells you that she has everything she needs now, and she'll allow you to cum. As she speaks to you you notice the room is getting darker and darker. Right as you cum, she tells you that her ass pheromones are so powerful that they k-ill off brain cells. And that you won't be able to survive your orgasm. She laughs, and leaves you there on the floor, and walks out with your money.

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