Bratty Bunny - Ass Therapy - Oral Servitude

Added: 02-10-2021

Custom Clip: You realize that I'm becoming addicted to your ass and that I'm actually mad at you, you know if I cum one more time to your ass I'll be hopelessly addicted, you're acting as an addiction counselor in order to "help:" me. You start out by teasing me with your ass acting like you're trying to figure out what about it makes me so addicted, after a few seconds you realize I'm really hard and tell me I could probably get stroking a bit with one finger and contiue acting innocent while teasing me mercilessly with your ass, after a few more minutes you notice how mindless I have become and tell me that I should start stroking normally (ya know because it will help with the tension I've built up over the Therapy-Fantasy session). Towards the end you would tell me that while to me it might seem like I'm getting worse that I'm actually right where you want me to be in my Therapy-Fantasy, you then give a countdown from 10 to 1 (saying that you're just giving me a countdown until you're done studying me) teasing me harder and harder the closer to 1 you get, talking about how hard it must be not to cum. After you reach 1, you act surprised that I came and tell me that after slipping into complete addiction the best thing is to satiate it by buying more of your ass worship clips and getting more Therapy-Fantasy from you.

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