HumiliationPOV - Lucid Lavender - The Lucid Program - You Are Trapped In The Program

Added: 14-10-2021

I knew you'd be back, that didn't take very long did it? You love the program, you love being programmed. This program is only ten minutes. So grab your cock, I want you to start stroking. Soon you will see why this one is only ten minutes, my little goon boy. Soon you'll find that you have no control over your mind or your cock, you are trapped. You chose this again knowing what the consequences were, knowing you would be stuck and now you're trapped and I can do anything I want. I can add a whole minute to your time and what are you going to do? You're just going to continue to stroke. I just added a minute. What are you going to do? Try to break out. Try to fight it.
You're stuck, trapped. You're just my little stroking goon zombie unable to do anything except stroke. You're just my goon and the fact that you have no control makes it so much more exciting, doesn't it? In fact, why don't I add another minute to your time and make you stroke even longer, goon boy? What are you going to do? Sitting in your chair, you chose this program, the 'Lucid Program', even though you know what she can do to boy's minds. And you're just another boy, stuck stroking. Do you know how many boys Lucid has gotten into this same position? Do you know how many boys are stuck in your same predicament? You are just one of many.
Just knowing that you're one of many, makes you feel even more insignificant and submissive, knowing that this wasn't made just for you. I am a program. Am I even real? The more you stroke the more submissive you feel, the more time will be added, the more submissive you will feel. The more submissive you feel, the more you want this to go on, the more you'll come back for more, over and over and over again. You are my trapped little gooner, choosing program after program, again and again. How many of my programs have you watched? How many times do you come back to them? Tell me goon boy, do you like being mindfucked by me? If so, you've just added a minute.
You know the answer, you know what's going to happen, you know that you have no control. That I can make you, but did I even have to? You did this to yourself. You chose this. And now minute after minute you continue to trap yourself in this submissive state. Do you have a choice? Well if so, you're choosing this, over and over and over again. I am just a program that you are trapped in. I am a program built to mindfuck you. You are consenting to this mindfuckery, you are letting this happen, you are choosing this path, goon boy, like there's nothing else worth doing except stroking. Stroking like a little goon boy. Trapped in this program. Is this too easy for you? Do you want to level up? Do you want more of a tease? Well then I'll make it harder for you, why don't I add two minutes to your time? Two more minutes that you're stuck here stroking for your Lucid Program. Two more minutes. Is that enough for you, or do you want to be stuck here forever? Maybe you're stuck on a loop? Maybe you're just a program watching me? Or maybe you're just a programmed sub, one of Lucid's boys that's trapped in a forever state of submission for her? Are you lost? Does this tease have you confused? Do you find your brain slowly melting out of your ears? What will you be like after this, goon boy? How many more minutes will I have to add before your brain is completely scrambled? How long until you are free? Remember this is your choice, goon boy.
Now imagine that I'm just a bot, a little fetish doll who's only purpose is to say yes to you and your desires. What would you have me do? You are trapped, stroking and stroking. Don't cum. Stroke. Don't cum. Goon. What kind of boy let's himself be controlled? Stroke and goon, stroke and pump. Don't cum. You have no choice. You are stuck like this, an online slave. The chances of you breaking out of this program are zero percent. The chances of you choosing to end this program once it has begun are zero percent. You are stuck stroking. Try to break away. Try to stop. Try. All you can do is stroke and stroke. Don't cum. Goon. Do you want to be a mindless stroking goon for me? The chances of you breaking out of this program are zero percent. You are stuck. Stroking and stroking. You have no choice, you are stuck like this, you are my slave.

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