Princess Chelsea - My owned amp tied up chastity cuck finub - Findom

Added: 15-10-2021

I just spent the day at the beach, coming home to my pathetic denied tied up chastity cuck. I tied you to the bed before I left to enjoy my day tanning and relaxing, and now im home I want to tease and taunt you and give you a list of chores and tasks that I want and expect you to get done for me and my boyfriend who gets to fuck me. As my locked up cuck, you need to do everything that I want including taking care of all the household chores, making me and alpha boyfriend dinner, as well as shopping for everything and spending your money. Being owned by me and locked up in chastity while I torment and tease you and train you to be the best little chastity finsub cuck you can be feels so good doesn't it. You ache for princess and ache to complete all my taks, but first princess needs to make that cage nice and tight. I want you to keep that vibrator on that cage the whole time I tease you in my hot little bikini, no unlocking bitch! You, that cage, and that wallet. belong to me and my big dick boyfriend

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