Princess Miki Aoki - Princess Miki - Taking Advantage of Your Weakness - Brainwash

Added: 17-10-2021

By Princess Miki / Miki Aoki
Your weakness is weakness itself, and I love to take advantage of that.
Yes, you like what you see here, visually: a hot girl with a pretty face in a little bikini, but it doesn’t stop there. No — it hardly even starts there. What you love most about Me is My supreme understanding of the art of sexual manipulation. It’s what keeps you here.
You are drawn to My mind, and what it can do to yours. You appreciate how cunning and calculating I am. You adore My intelligence, and you love how I weaponize My knowledge of your psyche.
Did I ever study this? No. It’s mostly instinct. I *get* your mind. I was born to dominate, just as you were born to serve. You were born to be a minion in My army of submissives who love to have their minds twisted by a superior Woman. This is natural. It’s fate. It’s OUR destiny.
And My favorite part of all of this is that what arouses you most is the act of getting weaker. The weaker you get, the more aroused you become; and the more aroused you are, the weaker you get. It makes the prospect of escape that much more impossible because any attempts to resist have been rendered futile by your horny cock.
And I happen to be quite good at getting you into this state.
You can’t stop stroking to My clips and stroking to the reality of your psychosexual enslavement to Me, and I can’t stop taking advantage of this inevitable cycle.

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