Princess Miki Aoki - Princess Miki - Executrix Eradicates the Disease You - Brainwash

Added: 17-10-2021

By Princess Miki / Miki Aoki
** CUSTOM CLIP: NO NAMES USED. Customer feedback: “The clip you made was better than I ever imagined. How you worked in the part where you set up the camera with the side conversation was great as was your explanation of the nurse outfit. 
I also want to thank you for making this a collaborative effort by asking questions that allowed the idea to become more fully developed as well as compliment you on your quick execution of the project.” **
You are a very important man in grave danger, and that is why I’m here. I inform you that you have no choice but to trust Me because this situation is urgent, and I assure you that your security guards already checked Me for weapons, so you have no reason to worry about that.
I set up a security camera in the corner of your office, and explain that this is all a part of the “procedure.” Once that is done, I open My laptop and make a quick call to a mysterious individual on the other side. You can hear Me talking about how the “payment” has been received, and as soon as I shut the laptop, My tone shifts. You now fully understand the situation. I’m the reason why you’re in danger.
You know who I’m speaking to: the man who wants you taken out. He paid Me generously for this hit, and tipped Me extra for the security camera so that he may watch the entire procedure.
I strip down to a skimpy bikini and nurse hat: a cheeky homage to the fact that I’m taking the disease out. YOU are the disease who no longer belongs in this world. What is My method of choice? You will jerk to My literally k iller body until you can no longer breathe.
I’m so powerful that you can’t resist. You don’t know how to resist, and I take great pleasure in knowing this. And unfortunately… so do you.

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