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Added: 17-10-2021

By Princess Miki Aoki
You see this beautiful lingerie set I’m wearing? It elegantly adorns My beautiful, feminine frame, doesn’t it? How much do you think it cost all together (hint: it’s expensive)? Which slave had the honor of purchasing something so luxurious?
It wasn’t one slave; it was many good boys who pulled together to make Me happy, and that is the point of today’s lesson.
You are a piece of the puzzle, a drop in the ocean, one of thousands of men who worship, adore, and tribute Me. You need to stop comparing yourselves to other slaves and what you CAN’T do. Focus on what more you CAN do for Me and helping My Empire grow.
The fact that so many boys pulled together to make this happen should turn you on and inspire you to be one of them next time an opportunity roles around. Just imagine how good they must feel while watching this clip, knowing they were a part of making this happen. You want to feel that rush, that joy, that sexual euphoria… don’t you?
Sexual fulfillment should never be the goal or the focus, but incredible sexual fulfillment is what you will receive after you’ve exhibited true selflessness and prioritization of My happiness.
Now ask yourself: what more can you be for Me? What more can you do for Me?

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