Princess Miki Aoki - Princess Miki - Truly Weak Puppet - Asian Goddess

Added: 17-10-2021

Why are you already so weak in the knees? You feel vulnerable — helpless, even — as if you were in the presence of a predator. I’m merely a young woman in some cute, frilly lingerie. Of course, you want to masturbate to this (and you have permission to do so) but a voice in your head is telling you that this is more than a horny craving to jerk off to your fetishes.
You don’t FEEL weak. You ARE weak and submissive, especially for hot, bratty, unattainable girls who love to tease and manipulate you.
It may feel like you’re reading the same bratty, Femdom POV script you’ve heard a million times, either from Me or from somebody else. These words are spoken so often and directed at you, because they truly do apply to you.
These words feel so real, and they never get old. You feel them at your core because they are anchored in truth. This isn’t just a fantasy or role play. This is who you are: a weak, vulnerable, easily manipulated, perverted little beta.
You can’t deny the fact that you masturbate daily to Me, while I make you feel so small and weak.
The only unfortunate thing about this is that you’re in denial about the fact that this is all real. You don’t want to admit that you are a pervert, addicted to masturbating to your own vulnerability and vices. You know that every time you come back, your obsession grows, and your addiction intensifies.
This is probably self-destructive, but you can’t stop because it is so sexually fulfilling. Like I’ve said numerous times, I know this feels like sex, not just average porn viewing.
Do you think I’m only doing this because it turns you on, because it fulfills all of your subby “fantasies?” I do this because it’s easy conditioning to turn you into My malleable, drooling, horny and obsessed puppet. You were drawn to Me because this is who you are at your core: a man desperate to be manipulated by young women with a craving to control.

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