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Added: 25-10-2021

Custom Clip Description:
I am confronting you because my girlfriend recently hired you as a "spiritual advisor," and has been letting you make all kinds of decisions for her. I've just found out that you're charging her exorbitantly for those services and I've come to try to put a stop to it.
You begin explaining to me that actually, my girlfriend really needs your help. You use a lot of spiritual jargon to quickly baffle and disarm me. ((Could be about astrology, crystals, anything - after browsing your Twitter I think you have a better understanding of the subject than I do, so I defer to you.))
Once you have me confused and disoriented, you offer to make the whole thing make sense. All I have to do is listen to you, and you'll explain it. Then, you subtly lull me down into hip know step-sis, having me focus either on your eyes or a crystal pendant. Once you have me totally beguiled, you snap your fingers and drop me by surprise.
Now that I'm in a tr a nce, you become more dominant. You explain that I too need you to guide me through life. You tell me that I will pay anything you ask of me and never question it. In fact, I'll think money was never an issue - I just came in today for a consultation with you because I was so impressed with your work with my girlfriend.
After molding me to trust you completely, you wake me back up and tell me you're looking forward to more sessions with me.
I'd like you to wear the big fur coat you wore in "Betas Never Quit Findom" and a crystal pendant.

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