Dominatrix An Li - Mistress An Li, Domina Helena - Fatal Orgasm ft Domina Helena Locke - Cbt Instruction

Added: 25-10-2021

You thought you had struck gold – somehow you ended up with two gorgeous women back home. Tonight was your night for a threesome, and things were looking good for you...
Until you took off your pants, and you saw Helena Locke and I looking a little...aghast.
It seems like you shook up our plans a little bit. See, you weren't "lucky" in picking us up, so to speak. We had planned this. We're assassins hired to pick off our victims, and you were the lucky bounty of the day. And our preferred mode of execution? Eradication through seduction. Fuck 'em and chuck 'em, that's what we like to say.
But you? You aren't quite fuckable – and it was a shame. You were going to be our prize possession, and we were so excited to collect our bounty.
Don't worry. We'll still find a way to make this fun for us. After all, all this pent up energy and no cock to fuck... instead, we're going to show you a little bit of pity before we off you. We'll let you jerk off...except we're going to cut off both of your pathetic heads right as you cum...

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