Olivia Rose - Blackmailed Into Cei Denial - Jerk Off Instruction

Added: 30-10-2021

You really want me, don't know? The thought of it almost gives you an instant boner, and I know this. You see, I have been amassing a bunch of info about you, and have even found out where you live, who you are married to, where you went to school at, and even, who your college roommates were. 
I know what you're thinking," she won't really contact them, will she?", and you're right, if you stroke for me, and eat ALL your cum!
That is the only way out of this mess you created for yourself! I bet you didn't know that by simply giving me your name and where you were from would give me a paper trail to your closest friends, and relatives, did you? You had no idea what kind of trouble you would be in, sitting here, made to slurp up a big load or face the consequences. 
That's if I let you do even that! Who knows, I might say, "screw it!" and contact them anyway! Are you willing to edge and find out, or should I just contact them now?

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